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Updated: May 22, 2021

Spring has blossomed and summer has disappeared with each fallen golden autumn leaf, like a radiant sunset, as winter is fast approaching. Just like the changing landscape in lanes and gardens – our skin also changes with each season, and so should our skin routines.

Although most of us are indoors most of the time because of lockdown, we shouldn’t stop protecting our skin and hair against the harsh weather of the season, as it can cause real damage. Our autumn and winter skin should take top priority as much as having summer bodies. No one wants a banging summer body with cracked skin and heels. Eek!

"our skin also changes with each season, and so should our skin routines."

Recently I was lucky enough to receive Moroccan Gold Argan Oil from Afri-Berry. The bottle promises that the oil lightens stretch marks, fades scars and wrinkles; reduces dark spots and repairs damaged hair. I love a product that doubles up as a skin and hair product because it saves money and time when applying (that’s why I love coconut oil).

Afri-Berry's Moroccan Gold Argan Oil, 100ml.

Each morning after a shower I squeeze a few drops of the oil onto my palm using the spray on the bottle (it’s literally gold!) and apply on my face and body including my knees and heels, occasionally I smooth it on my hairline as well. I repeat the process in the evening. Thanks to lockdown I don’t have to worry about looking shiny throughout the day because I am home anyway. If you grew up on a petroleum jelly and glycerine face as a kid you won’t mind, because our mothers and grannies knew that shiny winter skin produced good skin.

I have not tried the Moroccan Gold Argan Oil for long, but I found that my skin is much softer since I have started using it and my face has a natural glow, which was expected as Argan contains vitamin E. I am not a fan of using products with chemicals I can’t even pronounce and I am glad that Afri-Berry’s Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is 100% vegan and the only ingredient is 100% cold-pressed Argan kernels from the Argan tree.

Slide left for more: Moisturise! Moisturise with the Moroccan Gold Argan Oil in the morning & evening daily.

A note when applying on your face though: do not apply too close to the eyes. I repeat: DO NOT APPLY TOO CLOSE TO THE EYES! Unless you want to cry yourself a river like Justin Timberlake.

"my skin is much softer since I have started using it and my face has a natural glow"

In conclusion, whether you use Moroccan Gold Argan Oil from Afri-Berry or something else, be sure to hydrate your skin as much as you hydrate with H20, because hydrated bodies create healthy and glowing bodies. Don’t forget to get sufficient sunlight as well.

Slide left for more: I didn't cut my hair, I just have a protective hairstyle.

Afri-Berry’s Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is available at Pick n Pay, Edgars and Checkers stores; as well as and Price was R149.95 at Edgars, R159 at Zando and R182 at Faithful On Nature for 50ml at the time of posting. It is also available in a 100ml bottle.

"Invest in your skin. It's going to represent you for a long time."

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