Glowing Against Winter with Afri-Berry

Updated: May 22, 2021

Many women (and men!) can agree that the winter months can be very harsh on our skin and hair, especially in South Africa. Weaves, wigs, braids, heat and other things we do to our hair – on and off – can cause a lot of damage to our precious natural crowns and edges. Sigh.

I was over the moon when Afri-Berry sent me their Jamaican Black Castor Oil (which I’d heard about last year but didn’t know where to find) and their Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil. I loved the beautiful and classy packaging on both products, and it’s always a bonus to use products that are travel friendly in size (but not giving you less than what you paid for).

When I started using the products I discovered two extra bonuses. Imagine. Each bottle comes in a translucent plastic cover that comes in handy if the Afri-Berry Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil goes hard (religious coconut oil users know the cold days struggle) which allowed me to place the bottle in boiling water to melt the oil inside without having to stress about how to dig it out!

The other bonus was that the bottles sport a pump to dispense the oil, which leaves no room for unnecessary spillages or wasting. You pump the amount you need and voila you’re ready to massage on hair roots or skin.

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil really helped to renew my hairline and my hair growth has improved considerably as I previously shaved off the sides in a Mohawk style (face palm) and it struggled to catch-up to the rest of my hair. The packaging also boasts that it improves thinning hair and baldness.

I also use the Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil in my hair twice daily, together with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil massaged into my roots and it absorbs quickly, so you don’t even see it like other products I’ve used and I don't have to worry about my natural hair while I have braids on. In the evenings after washing my face clean of the day’s impurities, I apply a small pumpful of the coconut oil which moisturizes my dehydrated winter skin. Over time it’s helped even out my skin tone from sunburn discolouration and frequent pimples. And I’m glowing!

Tip: Adding a small amount to my body lotion has made it easier to apply on the rest of my body (in an attempt to also curb stretch marks).

All in all, it’s been a great experience to use the Afri-Berry Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the Afri-Berry Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil. I’m officially addicted and will be heading over to my nearest Pick n Pay to stock up. You can too! Let’s support a truly South African brand that makes organic products, that won’t make us chemical dependent.

Where To Stock Up: Edgars and Pick n Pay stores and online,,za or

Using their two products made me curious about their skin range as well…


Afri-Berry Coconut Oil – R50.99

Afri-Berry Jamaican Black Castor Oil – R63.99

Afri-Berry Shea Butter – R50.99

Afri-Berry Moroccan Gold Argan Oil – R70.99

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